Traditionally, the use of Supercomputing (SC) has been limited to large enterprises and government agencies due to high capital cost and complexity. UnitX leverages recent technological advantages in SC hardware and software architecture that have brought down costs, as well as the extensive experience of its team, to deliver cost-effective SC solutions to industrial SMEs and large companies. In addition, we increase the return on investment on existing SC assets via balanced system integration.

Our key offerings are:

  • Service (PaaS): We provide a platform for on demand supercomputing.
  • Service: For existing SC systems, we provide balanced system integration and software optimization, system-level modernization and performance enhancements.
  • Service: For the aerospace industry, we have our own proprietary software. We also work with industry standard software providers to secure software licensing. For existing software installations, we provide the service of software tuning, testing, profiling and optimization in order to achieve maximum performance and reduce delivery times.
  • Service: Our teams experience together with the experience of our international partner enables us to provide an engineering design service in the oil and gas, military, mechanical and aerospace industries.


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